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Terms and Conditions


      1. Bookings are confirmed once payment is received in the RVH Bank.
        The hall may not be used until the hire fee and security deposit has been paid.
      2. Payment confirms hirer’s agreement to all Terms, Conditions & Procedures.
      3. NO SMOKING is permitted anywhere in the hall or on the terrace.
      4. Please direct all visitors in through the front door. There is No Entry via the terrace.
      5. Refunds cannot be made for cancellation within 14 days of booked dates.
      6. The type of event being planned is to be disclosed before a booking can be accepted. This cannot be varied without the consent of the Bookings Officer.
      7. Hirers must observe all Health & Safety & Fire instructions on the hall noticeboard.
      8. Hirers agree to pay for all costs incurred because of breakages or other damage, any failure to observe terms & conditions or to follow procedures.
      9. If total time for which the hall was booked is exceeded, an additional payment will be due.
      10. Public Liability Insurance for ‘commercial’ bookings is the responsibility of the event organizer.
      11. Hirers’ equipment and items such as Bouncy Castles are not covered by any RVH insurance.
      12. The front door must be unlocked when the hall is in use.
      13. Please supervise children whilst in the village hall.
        For reasons of safety, they may not go into the kitchen or the equipment store.
      14. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that all visitors leave the hall quietly to minimize disturbance to residents. Where music is played, volume must not be excessive, ensure that windows and doors are kept closed and that neighbours are not disturbed.
        No Music is permitted after 11.30pm. Unless agreed in advance.
      15. Disorderly conduct of any kind will not be tolerated.
      16. Parking is available at the rear of the building and on the road. Do not park on the pavements and grass verges. Event/Class leaders must ensure compliance of visitors.
      17. Cooking, BBQ’s & food preparation is not permitted on the terrace.
      18. Small volumes of non-food rubbish only can be put into the bins in the kitchen, and this will be disposed of by the RVH. Larger volumes of rubbish, including all food should be removed by hirers.
      19. The Hall is regularly used, and hirers are required to leave it as they would expect to find it. Clean, tidy, swept, equipment put back in the correct place. There are brushes, bucket & mop in the store.

Please report breakages, defective equipment or anything that is unsatisfactory.

    1. All doors & windows should be securely locked before you leave, and the alarm switched on. Keys must be returned to 2 Teeton Road.

If you can’t find the answer to your question, please email bookings@rvhall.online

Availability can be checked by viewing our avalability calendar. From there you can simply click the date and make an online booking.