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Mainstream Feature Film – Oppenheimer

6 February: 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm

2022 – Certificate 15

– Oppenheimer –

Mainstream epic drama

Based on American Prometheus, Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin’s biography of Oppenheimer, Christopher Nolan’s film’s focus is the theoretical physicist, played By Cillian Murphy (Peaky Blinders, The Wind that Shakes the Barley), who “fathered” the atomic bomb.

The film covers the distinct periods of his development from a student to celebrated physicist, his recruitment in 1943 by the bullish Lt Gen Leslie Groves (Matt Damon) to lead the Manhattan Project, the completion of the project with the dramatically depicted Trinity test leading to the construction of the bomb and his post war attempts to curb the nuclear arms race.  This last resulted in a Hitchcockian manhunt disguised as a legal procedural, in which Oppenheimer’s loyalty to the United States was mercilessly scrutinised in the pivotal 1954 security hearing of the US Atomic Energy Commission to investigate his alleged communist leanings.

These episodes are interspersed with scenes from his relationship with Jean Tatlock (Florence Pugh) and his marriage to long-suffering Kitty (Emily Blunt) as well as his difficult relationship with the resentful head of the Atomic Energy Commission Lewis Strauss (Robert Downey Jr) which led to the 1954 hearing.

As befitting an epic film, even the supporting characters are played by well known stars and it was shot in 70mm IMAX , the ‘Gold Standard’ for cinematic photography.

Running Time 180 mins

Ratings Info 4-5 Stars

Director Christopher Nolan

Cast includes Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jnr, Florence Pugh with big-name cameo roles eg Kenneth Branagh, Gary Oldman, Josh Hartnett

Year 2022-2023

Nominations & Awards 2 wins from 2 nominations – SO FAR!!

Certificate 15

The Telegraph – Christopher Nolan’s portrait of the father of the nuclear bomb is a triumph, like witnessing history itself being split open.

On a basic give-‘em-what-they-paid-for level, Christopher Nolan’s extraordinary new film had to have a convincing explosion at its centre – and on that front, be assured it delivers with flesh-quaking aplomb. ………..

Playing Oppenheimer from his early 20s to late 50s, the 47-year-old Murphy gives the performance of his life, imbuing Oppenheimer’s body with an enthralling nervous eroticism and his voice with a noirish musicality that reminds you of Bogart.

The film both manages to make subatomic theory coolly sexy – honestly, five stars for that alone – and seed its sex scenes with Nolan’s signature jangly existential unease…………. But it also equips the major second-tier players with the material for indelible supporting performances: Florence Pugh as Oppenheimer’s lover Jean Tatlock, and most notably Robert Downey Jr, who is on the form of his career as Lewis Strauss

The Guardian – Christopher Nolan’s volatile biopic is a towering achievement.

It’s billed as a biopic ……….. But “biopic” seems too small a word to contain the ambition and scope of Christopher Nolan’s formidable if occasionally unwieldy latest. “Oppenheimer” is a dense and intricate period piece, playing out in a tangle of timelines. It weaves together courtroom drama, romantic liaisons, laboratory epiphanies and lecture hall personality cults.

Most effective, however, is the use of sound and music……….this is a film in which the horrors of war are not shown but conveyed inescapably through what we hear. Ludwig Göransson’s score is masterful and mercurial, surely one of the finest of the year.

Empire – ……. despite being deeply stamped with Nolan’s hallmarks (anti-chronological, shot with IMAX cameras, avoids CGI, stars Cillian Murphy) “Oppenheimer” feels like something new from the writer-director.

At the film’s pulsing nucleus is Murphy as Oppenheimer, and he is compelling throughout.

Nolan does devote some time to Oppenheimer’s romantic entanglements, allowing Florence Pugh to elegantly dominate her few scenes………………Meanwhile, Emily Blunt thankfully busts out of the supportive/suffering wife archetype as the alcoholic but sharp-witted Kitty Oppenheimer.

Given the sheer extent of the dramatis personae, it’s no exaggeration to say that “Oppenheimer” features Nolan’s most impressive cast yet. ……

The Trinity sequence itself, in which Nolan’s SFX team somehow create a CG-free approximation of a nuclear explosion, is truly shock-and-awesome.

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6 February
7:30 pm - 11:00 pm
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