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“I’m Your Man”

18 October: 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

2021 – Certificate 15

– I’m Your Man –


Inspired by a short story by Emma Braslavsky, “I’m Your Man” is a cool and clever playful romantic drama  about Artificial Intelligence, consciousness, love and relationships. 

In order to obtain funds for her research, Alma (Maren Eggert) is persuaded to participate in an extraordinary study. For three weeks she is required to live with Tom (Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens in a deft comic performance), a humanoid robot designed to be the perfect life partner for her, tailored to her character and needs – but can his algorithms match the complexity of her human heart?

In German with sub-titles

Running Time 104 mins

Ratings Info 4 Star

Director(s) Maria Schraderl

Cast includes Maren Eggert, Dan Stevens, Sandra Hüller

Nominations & Awards 10 wins from 24 nominations

The Independent

It’s hard enough to speak another language, to act in one must be quite the challenge. But it’s a challenge that English actor Dan Stevens absolutely aces in this German gem………….. this is a sweet, funny, clever film.

Stevens is just fantastic and Eggert is the perfect counterpoint, in a role that cannot have been easy to pitch.  Don’t let the subtitles put you off, this is lovely stuff.


Maria Schrader has drawn a touching romance from this science-fiction scenario, dotted with disarmingly dreamy moments and a line of philosophical inquiry.

Dan Stevens, with his ice-blue eyes and English-accented German, leans into the uncanny comic possibilities of Tom, all coolly ingratiating charm as he attends to his new owner’s every perceived need.

Benedict Neuenfels’ cinematography uses the glare of sunlight, streetlamps and gleaming white walls to mimic the scrutiny placed on this experimental affair…..,.


Where Ira Levin’s “The Stepford Wives” ends is where a truly fascinating domestic drama should begin………. “I’m Your Man” twists the scenario’s gender politics and significantly changes the stakes — presenting an independent, idiosyncratic female protagonist with a robot man so perfectly tailored to her needs that she just can’t stand it……

….. much depends on the actors to keep this high-concept piece from collapsing into silliness or navel-gazing, and Eggert’s flinty firmness and Stevens’ buttery elegance prove ideally mismatched from the off ……….

Stevens is a wry revelation, progressing from rigid, unworldly physical comedy to near-living, breathing emotional turmoil, programmed or otherwise.

Roger Ebert

Maria Schrader’s “I’m Your Man” is a clever little movie, a film that defies its set-up as a familiar, quirky rom-com to become something deeper and more poignant about the human condition.   Schrader and co-writer Jan Schomburg imbue their genre hybrid with eloquence and intelligence. And it helps a great deal to have two delightful performers to deliver their themes.

There’s something wonderfully childlike about Stevens here as he dials down his natural charisma ever so slightly while still understanding why he would be a model for a perfect male partner.  Eggert is even better, taking what could have been a generic rom-com leading lady and making her much more complex than that.

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    18 October
    7:30 pm - 10:00 pm
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