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Cinema Listings

We have been presenting films at the Village Hall since September 2016 and in 2017 BLF funded a high-quality 7-speaker, audio-visual system and an installed 3.5m screen. There are no membership requirements and we invite people from Ravensthorpe and surrounding villages to enjoy our varied screenings. Capacity is in excess of 70, but we often fill the room and therefore advise booking tickets in advance.

There are two or more screenings a month from September to June – one mainstream film, one ‘cinephile’ screening and occasional classics. You will find details of how to book – along with a link – on each film page.


We choose the best of the best across diverse genres – typically these showings will be very well received recent films that people may have missed or smash hit older films that people would enjoy seeing again on ‘the big screen’.


These showings are typically foreign language films, documentaries or are of particular cinematographic merit. Often attended by a more committed cinema-goer and film lover, we would recommend you come along as we promise diverse ideas, styles and perspectives with insights into different cultures or ways of life.


Who doesn’t love a classic? We occasionally arrange classic film matinees. Whether you like black and whites, musicals or a good old fashioned western, join us one afternoon.

“Operation Mincemeat”

Ravensthorpe Village Hall Northampton

Colin Firth heads a starry cast in this wartime stranger-than-fiction true spy story that makes for a spirited and gently entertaining slice of wartime espionage, with sharp, wry performances from the ensemble cast. Click on the image for more details


“I’m Your Man”

Ravensthorpe Village Hall Northampton

Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey) excels as the precision-tooled robot who could be the answer to a single woman’s prayers in this smart, Berlin-set comedy. Click on the image for more details.



Ravensthorpe Village Hall Northampton

Brendan Gleeson leads a quality cast of British actors in this darkly comic drama as Father James, the priest whose life is threatened during a confession. He seeks to confirm the source of the threat and in so doing exposes his parishioners as a gallery of grotesques. Click on the image for details.


“Parallel Mothers”

Ravensthorpe Village Hall Northampton

An acclaimed and entertaining blend of comedy and drama from the renowned director/actor combination of Pedro Almodóvar and Penélope Cruz in their eighth film together. Click on the image for details.


The Village Hall has access and facilities for the disabled and an audio loop is available for hearing aid users. We offer a licensed bar with complimentary tea and coffee. Ravensthorpe Village Cinema is run on behalf of the RVH by Mo Cobbe (Film Selection) and Mike Cobbe (General Manager and Bookings) who are assisted by volunteers in film selection, bar and screenings. We are a member of the BFI Film Hub Midlands (BFI ID BFINC009918) and Cinema for All.

How to book

Advance booking and payment to reserve places is politely requested.

Online booking and payment can be made by clicking below.


    To make a cash payment, please call or email:

    • email cinema@rvhall.online
    • or telephone Mike & Mo Cobbe on 01604 328822
    • or telephone Bob Pike on 01604 771277

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